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EPIC Elite Classes

Jump Classes  Jump classes are designed to work on correct technique, leg and arm placement, improve hip flexor mobility and create hyper extended jumps.

Flexibility Classes  Flexibility class is designed to teach the proper way of stretching to help increase flexibility and balance.

Stunt Classes These classes are designed for flyers to work on flying skills in class with coaches. They will be based by coaches as well as work on body positions, balance and core strength need for flight skills.

Tumbling Classes Tumbling classes will be level specific. These classes are designed to bring out the best tumbling in your athletes and push them to progress with technique based skills.

Jump and Flexibility classes for a discounted rate of $30/month for EPIC Team Athletes ($50/month for non-team athletes). We will also be offering Stunt and Tumbling classes for all EPIC Team Athletes at a discounted rate of $50/month ($75/month for non-team athletes).

We also have an *unlimited option for EPIC Team Athletes of $125/month for unlimited access to tumbling, stunt, jumps, and flexibility classes and all open gyms each month!  *Athletes need to save spots in advance for classes they’d like to attend by emailing EPIC@ChampionsTX.com